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Light Cloud

Minimum Temperature: 8°C (46°F)
Wind Direction: North North Easterly


Heavy Rain

15°C (59°F)
9°C (48°F)


Light Cloud

16°C (61°F)
10°C (50°F)

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THTC BBQ and Klumzy Tung album release party

THTC, the UKs leading eco fashion street label, will be taking over our favourite London venue for a day of dope beats, sizzling bangers, art, creativity and live music. THTC the UKs leading eco fashion street label, will be taking over our favourite London venue for a day of dope beats,..

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Springtime Terrace Party!

Ethnobling // Turf // Submit Springtime Terrace Party @ Brixton Jamm - 26th April WE'RE BACK!! Now for the 4th instalment our Terrace Party series. If you've not been before, then it would be..

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Junglist Network

To celebrate the launch of our new website, an international portal for everything jungle, we are having a little party at Jamm. Take a journey through the history and future of Jungle! To celebrate the launch of our new website (going live in May), an international portal for..

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Reminder about eating curry leaves

The Food Standards Agency is reminding those who eat or use fresh curry leaves in their dishes, to ensure that the leaves are washed thoroughly before use. Cooking provides further assurance that these leaves are safe to eat. The use of uncooked fresh curry leaves, which were contaminated with several different bacteria including salmonella, was the cause of a..

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Are you a proactive or reactive food business owner?

There are generally two types of food businesses: proactive and reactive ones. Proactive food businesses prevent problems from happening by having food safety systems in place. These systems are not just put in place..

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How to avoid prosecution as a food business owner!

Have you ever heard of a food business being prosecuted? The reality of it is that, many food businesses get prosecuted every year for various reasons. However, you can avoid being prosecuted in most of the cases. One of the main reasons why food businesses get prosecuted is because they ignore warnings from the local authority inspectors...

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Jazzy Hair & Beauty Store

This is really smart shnpoipg. I have to say, I"{m lacking in this department. I buy on-the-fly and often don't take advantage of deals.Your running schedule is incredible. I just gave a friend...

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